Always working on something — and spending so much time in the house means tight hip flexors!

7 things I learned from working out every day for a year

One year ago when I grabbed the essentials from my desk at work and headed home I made a promise to myself. If I were going to be at home for a few weeks (insert a sob as I write about my sweet, sweet ignorance as I look back upon it) I wanted to stay positive and keep my spirits lifted. Even though I could easily compile some projects to tackle, I knew I needed something more concrete.

So I made the following promise: As long as we were stuck at home, I would work out every day. No specific type or duration or anything else — I was giving myself the freedom to choose. This goal, I reasoned, would help me take care of my body and my mind, and I’d emerge a month later still feeling good about myself.

If. Freaking. Only. It. Was. Just. A. Month.

Is it a good thing I didn’t know what I was getting into? Yes, a thousand times yes. Even on an intellectual level I’m unsure if I could have imagined this lasting as long as it has! But this was one of the practices that not only kept me going but helped me to learn so much about myself.

Daily exercise has been one of the best decisions of my pandemic experience.

An obvious question you might ask (and others have asked me too) — when you realized it would be a long time before your life went back to “normal,” why didn’t you stop? I’ve asked myself this too, but the answer is simply that it was working, and when you find something that works, why stop? I’ve hacked on myself enough to know what types of behaviors produce or suck my energy, and my hypothesis has thus far been correct — that my anxiety and mood would be stable if I continued to move my body.

Today I’m taking the opportunity for a quick reflection, sharing 7 things I learned from exercising for 365 days in a row…

L: Teaching barre on Halloween; getting my BollyX dancing on; 10k walk with Keoni — almost 90 minutes!
L: 2021 brought a new barre series using different fitness equipment; I’m still working on my front straddle stretch!

The last question you might be asking — So, are you going to stop?

And the answer is no.

When I commit to myself, it matters. And when the commitment is still yielding positive results, why break the agreement? Today marks day 366 and I plan to continue my daily exercise until it’s safe to return to normal activities again (going to work, going into the world, traveling, etc.). I’m curious to try some different activities this year and, as the weather improves, taking my workouts outside again.

Be safe, be well!

XO, Sarah

P.S. Speaking of barre, I’ve signed up for two (virtual) classes this summer, so I look forward to bringing even more methodologies to my channel! The summer can’t come fast enough.

Accidentally wearing the same outfit to do my own workout. We must go deeper.

NW native blogging about life’s struggles and triumphs. Balancing career, family, hobbies, and health. Fierce advocate for mental health. And chocolate lover.

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