You know the drill. It’s the end of the month and I have books to write about so that you can read them!

March was a little bit slower of a reading month (I partially blame diamond painting — don’t look at it unless you want to go down the rabbit hole). I was still able to read 16 books this month (thanks to a few days off!) though unfortunately I haven’t yet finished the HR textbook I’ve been working through little by little (is April the month? let’s see!).

This was a particularly great month for non-fiction, so if…

Always working on something — and spending so much time in the house means tight hip flexors!

One year ago when I grabbed the essentials from my desk at work and headed home I made a promise to myself. If I were going to be at home for a few weeks (insert a sob as I write about my sweet, sweet ignorance as I look back upon it) I wanted to stay positive and keep my spirits lifted. Even though I could easily compile some projects to tackle, I knew I needed something more concrete.

So I made the following promise: As long as we were stuck at home, I would work out every day. No specific…

Best reading companion

It’s the end of the month and that means… another blog with my favorite books of the month!

2021 continues to be a great year for reading — this month I was able to finish 13 books. I have been working through three different work-related books (one of them a textbook) so I imagine I will finish them in March and get a bit of a bump, number-wise. As you can tell, I love to read — so I’m trying to focus on the experience and not just the numbers (we all have our areas of growth).

One thing I’m…

“Calm” before the storm.

This is the story of my intestines. Don’t worry — no photos, no super-gory details. And you might be just as excited (read: not at all excited) about this post as you are when I write about other tough topics, like anxiety or our decision not to have biological children!

But in my new tradition of destigmatizing all the things, I’m here today to tell you about how I found out that I have microscopic colitis and encourage you to look after your intestines.

It takes guts to talk about guts — so here we go.

The Before-Times

I’m not sure how…

My best reading buddy

When I realized how long it takes to put together a best-of-the-year book blog, I’ve decided to highlight a few favorites each month as a way to share some recommendations with you and encourage you to pick up a great book!

This month might have a few extras because 2021 has come in like a lion and I’ve finished 16 books this month! The weather continues to be a little bit crappy in the PNW and because I’m a fair-weather girl that has meant more time inside to read and introvert and do all sorts of wonderful indoor things.


Christmas 2020

It’s time for 2021 — both my intention and some specific goals I have in mind for myself! And if you know me at all you know that I love behavior change, both personally and professionally (check out my previous posts on building better habits and why you might choose not to set resolutions).

Let me start by saying that if I had written a post about goals this time a year ago my wrap-up would be quite dismal for all of the things I generally hope to achieve (especially as relates to my travel quests!), …

Are you ready for the party pants?

Has 2020 been an unforgettable year? Yes, it certainly has! And as I look back on these more than nine months at home I’d be remiss not to document a part of my life that wouldn’t have been possible without the pandemic — and that’s my spur-of-the-moment decision to take my barre class from the studio to the interwebs. …

BOOKS! This is pre-CVOID, obviously!

Yes, this year is (finally) coming to a close and it’s time to share my favorite books of 2020! And I’m happy to report that with more than 30 days left in the year I am proud to report I just broke my all-time reading record of 120 books in a year. Barack Obama’s memoir was #121, and I have four weeks left to up the ante.

So 2020 taketh but 2020 also giveth!


Everyone has different tastes but I try to include a cross-section of the books that I read. I love character-driven modern fiction, books-in-translation (see my…

PRE-COVID-19, TO BE CLEAR: When you find the Literature in Translation section at a bookstore!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a minute. So much going on. So many blogs I haven’t written. So many things. All the things.

As I shared in my COVID update post, we have not traveled at all save a short weekend trip to a cabin nearby. We canceled and postponed a whole slew of trips. And we have the misfortune of living in one of the flight paths to Seattle’s airport, and every time I see a plane fly over my little heart is sad because I wish it was safe to get on one right about now.

But what if…

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NW native blogging about life’s struggles and triumphs. Balancing career, family, hobbies, and health. Fierce advocate for mental health. And chocolate lover.

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