The Golden Circle: A must-do for any Icelandic trip

Are you looking to plan a trip to Iceland? This blog post is meant for anyone curious about visiting this beautiful country (if you’re looking for a travel recap, go check out my previous post). Iceland was not a normal sort of trip for us and it required different planning, attitudes and gear. Today I’ll be sharing what I learned from the experience as well as some other resources that were helpful to us. This is chock-full of details, so bookmark it so you’re ready to go when the time comes!

Who should go to Iceland… Plus three additional considerations.

Honestly, if you are intrigued by Iceland, this blog…

Diamond Beach in Southern Iceland.

After an almost two-year break we were able to get back to “Europe” with a 12ish day swing through Iceland. Though Sergio had been previously for work, it was my first trip to the country and marked my 20th European country(!). Though technically part of Europe, Icelanders are independent, proud of their culture, friendly, and hardy people, and in this blog I’ll share some highlights from our trip.

Do you want to visit Iceland? My next blog post will detail all of my tips and tricks for visiting this unique country.

But for now, let’s look at some of our…

Greetings from the reading chair!

Even though it felt like summer was just starting, summer is almost finished here in Seattle as we roll into September. Summer is nice and everything, but I’m an indoorsy girl and I love the warm fall days with crisp nights — a perfect time to cuddle up with a cat and a book!

I read 15 books in August, bringing the annual total to 120 — with four months yet to go. If you were to ask me if this would be such a year for books I don’t know that I would tell you yes, but I also…

Happy Summer — especially in the PNW! This is reading on the deck season for us (or, in the photo above, in the hammock as the sun sets). July was an especially exciting month because I hit my annual reading goal of 100 books! This has been a massive reading year for me, but I’ve found so many great books to read that I just can’t help myself! I did a few duds this month (which you will not see below) but also my favorite fiction book of the year. …


You know me — it’s time to check in on the intention and the goals I set for myself in January. It’s a mid-mortem, of sorts. I live in-line with my values — it’s important to me to keep my commitments to myself, and it helps me speak from an honest place when I work with my clients in their goal-setting.

There are many methodologies available for goal-setting (and I have no favorites) — but most of them recommend check-ins to see if you are on-track. Given that this past year was difficult given the pandemic, my goals have primarily…

Palm tree climbing at the Polynesian Cultural Center

A few years ago I had a rethink about my blog and decided to move away from travel blogging, or, at least, to diversify to a broader set of topics. This past year+ I’ve returned to those entries with joy, envy, and nostalgia for those pre-pandemic times. And when we finally took our first *real* post-vaxx trip last week I knew I wanted to write about it so I could capture the joy of going somewhere not here again.

As the world started to shut down in March 2020, Sergio and I started canceling our work and personal trips one…

Third COVID mini-getaway in Sequim.

Can you believe that it’s been more than a year of this pandemic? I certainly can’t believe it, but the calendar tells me that it’s true. March 7, 2021 marked our household’s one-year pandemic anniversary, and while my original intent was to write this post then, I decided to hold off until we could start returning to life that felt a bit more normal just to get everything (or so I hoped!) into this post.

And, luckily, Sergio and I joined the fully-vaccinated club in mid-May (thank you, science and Moderna!). So this blog post, like the first six months…

Just a little light HR reading with a dramatic cat.

Is it me or is it a little exciting that summer is almost here and, for the vaccinated, it’s about to be a lot freer than the last one? May is such a lovely month in the Northwest, but don’t worry — I still devoted plenty of time to reading. I’ve been taking a good look at how I’ve spent my free time lately and I’ve decided to cut down on television and dial-up things like reading and music.

May was another great month for reading — I finished 16 books, including my HR textbook (FINALLY!) and two more Ken…

Sergio’s 30th Birthday in Puaka, HI.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I’d like to take the opportunity to bring this very important cause to your attention before the month is through. As you might know, one in four American adults will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetimes, so if it doesn’t impact you directly, a family member, friend, or loved one will deal with mental illness — and your care and support matters! …

NW native blogging about life’s struggles and triumphs. Balancing career, family, hobbies, and health. Fierce advocate for mental health. And chocolate lover.

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