Adventures in Anxiety: What should I probably not ask about anxiety?

  • “It seems like this is causing you a lot of worry/stress.” (neutral observation)
  • “How can I help?” (open-ended question)
  • “How is treatment/management of your anxiety going?” (open-ended question)
  • “I’m thinking about trying [treatment X]. What have you heard about it?” (open-ended question)
  • “Do you really need an accommodation? You don’t look like it.”
  • “You said that your anxiety has been bad but it doesn’t look bad to me. Is it really that bad, or are you exaggerating?”
  • “If this is your idea of ‘sick,’ it’s nothing.”
  • “How are you?” (open-ended question)
  • “You look energized today — what’s going on?” (open-ended question)
  • “You seem down today. I’m here to support you if you want it.” (observation and statement of support)



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Sarah Carr

Sarah Carr


NW native blogging about life’s struggles and triumphs. Balancing career, family, hobbies, and health. Fierce advocate for mental health. And chocolate lover.