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Book Blog: April 2021 Favorites

April is such a fun month — spring is finally within our grasp as the days get longer and the temperatures warm enough to go outside without a jacket. It seems a little odd to be so excited about reading when the weather improves, but I find there is no better way to end the day then with a book and the window cracked open just a bit to let in some fresh air.


The Exiles (Christina Baker Kline): This book was fantastic and once it really got going I couldn’t put it down. Baker Kline’s book weaves together the story of three marginalized females — two convicts, Evangeline and Hazel, on a transport ship to Tasmania from England, and Mathinna, a young Aboriginal girl taken away from her family and treated as a plaything by a colonist family. What really drove this story forward was the strong female characters and how they used creativity to get through a variety of trying situations, even at times when they were shown no kindness by the sailors or the captors. I thought I had a good handle on the book, but there were some very surprising twists and turns, making it hard to put down (but don’t worry — I won’t reveal them!). I’d highly recommend this book for any historical fiction fan.


Leave Only Footprints: My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park (Conor Knighton): As someone who is (slowly) working her way through the National Parks, I was really excited to read this book, and it didn’t disappoint. Knighton’s book actually felt *too short* to me because his style was engaging and there was so much more I wanted to learn about specific parks. Instead of listing each park individually he groups them in themes (“Water,” “Caves,” “Diversity,” “Disconnecting”) and helps to draw through-lines between different places. The writing was accessible and easy to read, perfect for a travelogue. If you like the outdoors (or, if you, like me, aspire to like it a bit more), I recommend this book!

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