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  • Matt Welsh

    Matt Welsh

    VP of Engineering at OctoML.ai, building compilers for fast AI. Ex-Google engineering director, Ex-Apple. Systems hacker and drinker of beer.

  • Tim Swast

    Tim Swast

    I code and draw pixel art. Developer Relations @googlecloud Views expressed here are my own. Homepage: https://www.timswast.com/

  • Michelle


    Writing about introvert life & aro/ace pride.

  • Erika RS

    Erika RS

  • Annie Windholz

    Annie Windholz

    midwestern librarian, writer, activist

  • The Woefully Wild

    The Woefully Wild

    Mental Health Blogger | Bipolar Endurer | The Woefully Wild — an honest blog dedicated to the ups and downs of a mental health journey www.thewoefullywild.co.uk

  • George J. Ziogas

    George J. Ziogas

    Manners will take you where money won’t | HR Consultant | OHS Specialist | Personal Trainer | ziogasjgeorge@gmail.com

  • Carl Parker

    Carl Parker

    Father of 2. Software Engineer. Millennial. Crypto Investor. Digital Design/Strategy. Experience Addict.

  • Maria Stenberg

    Maria Stenberg

  • Joshua Kenitzer

    Joshua Kenitzer

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