Italy — expectations (left) and reality (right)

Why I didn’t love Italy

Zurich skyline
Rome skyline
L to R: Order in Stockholm, Zurich, and Copenhagen
L to R: Friendly faces in Austria, Playa del Carmen and Chihuahua, Mexico
L to R: Checking out the sites in Sydney, Sedona, and Vienna
Churches in Rome! L: St. Peter’s Basilica; R: Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
The Colosseum — marvelous!
L: Il Duomo and R: Il Davide, both in Florence
Nothing like a Christmas market to bring out the Shovey McShoversons!
Just doin’ it for the ‘gram. Tourists are SO original.
All. the. tourists.
Sergio is wearing the jacket he bought in Germany — and still not European enough.
Enjoying smørrebrød in Stockholm. Up next: Norway, Estonia, and Finland!

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